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Paint Pleasure

Paint is something I've always admired, I fondly remember painting bikes and things like that in my youth. Dad letting me loose with the rattle cans sparked something that keeps me interested to learn and always wanting to paint when an opportunity comes.

But I'm just amateur, with arguably no more skills then the next bloke. But luckily for me, Professional painter and good mate Brett Newell has been kind enough to offer to paint a couple of the crews cars later on this year as well as pass off some of his knowledge onto me as well. Brett has been in the car scene for years now and is straight up car guy. Owning many cool cars from an FB rx7 to a bagged VP commodore. Painting and bodywork is his bread and butter; Many Show cars, amazing fibreglass fabrications, body work and detailing skills would turn his resume into a multiple pager. Not to mention he does Pin striping which is sadly a dieing art.

Brett's recently started his own youtube channel so he can showcase some of his painting projects as well as passing off some tips on the art as well. His most recent Upload is just that, a tips and tricks video for the non professional painter who is wanting to get a good result on a budget.

Brett uses my man David Mennie's Wrx centre trims as a example of how to go from paint prep to nice final result.


Everyone Check out Brett's Video below and Subscribe to his channel while you're there ! He will have more cool content on the way including a couple of the crew's cars also.


Brett @brettnewell

David @davanchi

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