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Mobsters 2021 recap

Another year behind us.

Early February this year Connor and I went to pick up a new project car. A 91 jz30 Toyota soarer. The car is proper meth spec just the way we like them. Rolling shell, the 1j driveline was removed for another car but not to worry because we have a awesome motor and box lined up for this car. The interior is all there but in really rough shape, and the body is missing the front fenders and bumper and has a few dings nothing we can't handle, plus we have some creative body ideas to let loose on the shell. It was a cheap and with how we work on project cars, buying a shell in rough shape is ideal. We've been chipping away a little bit for the rest of the year acquiring some very sexy parts. I can't wait to reveal more about the car in the future, very excited. As for the other couple project car not whole lot has changed this year but we definitely haven't forgotten them.

Our boy Dave decided around April that it was time to chase a childhood dream of his and create a car like something he'd drive in Need For Speed Underground. Certainly something he couldn't half commit to since he was chopping up a low km WRX body. But after 11 weeks give or take he had a completely overhauled look of the car. A lot of effort and thought was put into the whole project and it came out amazing. Dave even wrote an Article speaking on the whole experience, which is on our site if you haven't checked it out yet ( sneaky plug ) .

Over at Jeffrey camp, I had bez back to a driving stage atleast and took part in SDMA hillclimb April event. I Had a great time and I've been bitten by the bug, Bez has been set up to be driven for grip and this event is perfect entry into that type of motorsport. I went back for the August and November event but still haven't cracked into the 49s yet. Something to shoot for in 2022. Jordan also got involved in the back end of the year, attending the August and November events with the chaser, a surprise to be sure but a welcome one. His times have gotten quicker as he turned more runs over. With better tyres in the future, I'm keen to see what his times will be in a years time. Connor taking the role of head crew chief at all events because the senator is too nice to race and the skyline is a garden ornament.

Connors had a quiet year but he's been saving up for a shed, so we can finally get these projects cars a safe home and actually start to turn the cogs on them and make some forward progression. He bought the shed mid year but theres a lot of red tape between buying a shed to actually getting it erected on a property, way too much BS involved but I shant go on a rant about that now, for everyone's sake. But fingers crossed it'll up before long. Then we can start to show you about the project car stuff in the works.

Christopher has had a big year, His RS wagon is actually running and on the road. The cars been in the works for years and I along with other s were honestly wondering if it was ever gonna be make to the road. Gladly that is the case and its been driven plenty now there's plates on it. Chris still has a few things ongoing with the car but its on the road for now and thats a good thing. Ive got a Featured car article in the works at this very moment on Christopher's wagon and if I pull my finger out it should be up in Jan some time. Very excited to share that with the world.

As for featured cars thus year we had two; which is one less them last year. I'm going backwards I know. But both cars were freaking awesome regardless. Both drag race orientated cars. First we had Benny's powerhouse 323, word on the street is he's got the car back and is not far from the full tilt tune going in.

Second car was Justin's neat and quick S15. Still really appreciate this style on a 15 and its even faster then it looks.

Article wise it changed up a little this year with Dave and Chrisropher both stepping in to do a write up. Chrsiptopher was discussing a part out he did with us lot this year to secure a very nice interior for his new wagon.

Dave as I mentioned briefly earlier, did a whole recap on his whole process on making a bodykit for his car. Running through the pre plan and action processes.

My Article for the year was the trip I made with Brett and his mates to Sydney for the Jamboree at Sydney Dragway. Was a great day and I hope to attend another event again.

I do apologise for the content being few and far between, I do hope the quality is making up for the lack of, but I will continue to aim to bring more in to 2022, were still dreaming big and are excited to bring you more write ups on some incredible cars getting around the area. Mecrh ? Yeah I'm really trying to get a line of clothes where the quality of the clothes and the quality of the print are long lasting, thats been a little bit trickier then I would have liked but we're on the right path now. Fingers crossed 2022 will have everyone out here repping some great shirts with hilarious Mobsters catch phrases on the back.

Thank you for all the support again this year ! To everyone who read our articles and featured cars write ups, we really appreciate it. Also follow us on the gram if your'e not yet @mobsters_crew_

Happy New YEAR !! Time to MOB OUT !

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