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A well documented car restoration or modification series are an art form of their own. A good example that springs to mind are some of the Hagerty barn find YouTube videos. They are beautifully shot and very engaging. They are a benchmark in my eyes.

There’s definitely a Decent amount of series on You’ve but id still not say that the platform is smothered by these series. I feel there is still plenty off room for more to be added. And from such; Us at mobsters are going to give it a crack. To quote the infamous Clarkson…. “ How hard can it be ?” We are creating and uploading a video series on the restoration and more importantly modification of our Project car Toyota Soarer, Now affectionately named “ The Cracken ”. The series will show from start to finish of how the car was and what has been altered to where it is completed. The videos are back dated by a few months. So the upload consistency should be weekly if we can remain disciplined with an upload schedule and stay on top of editing.

That’s a hope anyway

From the fleet of project cars sitting about, being the VZ SS, the R33 GTST and the Soarer. Why did we pick the soarer first ? The skyline is Connor’s personal car and not a shared one unlike the other two, so it should be left for him to complete but I’d still really like to document its revival. So that car got pushed out. Then it was down to the SS vs the Soarer. What made the soarer win first pick. Was basically it is smaller sized car than the commodore, allowing it to fit in the garage space with a tad more room to work around it. The second reason being we thought the work to be done on the car was going to be easier. But as we’ve come to learn it really hasn’t been easier. Both cars would have their own unique challenges but both will most likely end up being as tricky to complete as each other. Hindsight is bliss right. Unaware of this, we chose the Soarer and here we are.

Without tooting our own horn too much. This car should turn out at a pretty sound level of quality and uniqueness if all things go to plan. It should be a great series to watch in my bias eyes because it's a nut and bolt level ‘restoration'. Implying all areas of the car will get worked on. A large amount of content will be released, including some particluar sections and mod that aren’t covered much by most other YouTube series. That can be seen as as double edged sword however, because some parts can be seen as boring stuff. But to stay true to the series we want to create, we will show the the fun, the boring and other ugly. This will be the most ambitious project I’ve ever embarked on with no guarantees on the car ever getting finished or registered or even running. Let alone us becoming completely broke before its done and getting arrested by the Bankers of even worse…. The EPA !

So this Article is here to announce out first video of the series is up on YouTube !! It would be great if you can follow the link and go give it a watch. Subscribe to the channel too while you’re there, to stay up to date with our next uploads. Also please note that Connor and I aren't quite as dumb as we look in some parts of the videos hahaha. Hope you enjoy and fingers crossed we finish the car and the series.


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