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MOBSTERS ' Grand Unveiling '

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

So here we are; The website and Brand is up and running.

We aim to bring the local car community content on whats happening in the area. From our 'FEATURED CARS' posts; where we will dive into some of the amazing builds getting around. Learn how they became to be and the owner's story of what happened along the way.

Also there will be more frequent posts in our 'ARTICLES' section, which will have a wide variety of content. Some of which can be discussion topics that affect the scene, album features of a photographers, interviews, recommended Youtube videos, Posts on the crew cars and Updates on the glow up of Connor's skyline and especially the group project car... the " LSNONE VZ SS Commodore."

We will be starting up our shop in the not too distant future. Which will have some great merch, Some ideas and designs that'll be fun to show off. Please follow us on our social medias being Youtube and Instagram to keep up to date with whats going and watch our project cars progression as time goes on.

I thank you in advance for any support to the website and brand, It means a lot. Time to MOB OUT !

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