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J Films Interview

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Capturing art is arguably just as important as creating the art. To adapt a common phrase; " Did the art really exist if nobody could admire it or remember it ?" Creating a memory is such a brilliant thing but being able to immortalise a moment through a still image or film to me atlas is fantastic. Cars being our art obviously, We take many photos of them to capture them in their glory of a fresh wash, a new mod or a perfect day for a photoshoot. To the frame them on the prestigious walls in the gallery of Instagram.

The less travelled road would easily be film or videography.

So its a pleasure to see some amazing films being produced locally. Joey over at JFilms has been pumping out great content over the past few months, Its been great to see the local scene getting documented on the gram and Youtube like he's doing. Joeys even made a video featuring our very own Crew member Jordan and his JZX, that ones definitely worth a watch. Heres an example of some content on his Youtube channel.

I recently got the opportunity to catch up with Joey and ask him some

questions about his work.


Hey Joey, Thankyou for joining me for this interview where we will dive into your film work and what it does for you.

Q: First things frist, How long have you been filming cars for and what got you

started ?

A: So I have been filming cars for a year now. The first video I ever made was on my own car using my iPhone 5s on the 8th of August 2019. I have been a fan of the car culture from a very young age and went to my first ever car meet in 2018.

Q: Are there some filmers out there who give you inspiration and or try to take style and ideas from ?

A: Inspiration played a big role in the videos I now make. Names like Hartnett media and Krispy and many others have driven me to making videos. I’ve learnt heaps of angle techniques and scenery ideas from these guys just from watching their videos. Still learning.

Q: I've watched your films progress and improve as time goes by, Do you re-watch previous edits and dissect them to see how you can improve certain shots and angles etc?

A: Absolutely. There’s always room for improvement even if the shot seems perfect.

Q: A location can be a very important part of making a great film, Are you constantly scouting for new areas to film ? Even when just daily commuting ?

A: Always. I find that a location tells a story to the viewer. The weather plays a big role when picking a location. You could be using one location and have two different moods to that scene. Sunny weather would depict and happy and relaxing mood whereas cloudy weather would result in a more dark and moody video.

Q: You have certain times of day you prefer to film?

A: I am available on weekdays from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Weekends vary since I am on call for the whole two days but if someone is interested in booking in a video shoot, I will make sure to make it happen.

Q: Can you describe your standard filming session for me, what the process you go through ?

A: So first I would meet the subject at the first location for the shoot. I would then elaborate and explain in depth how the shoot will go. Prior to shooting rollers, I give them information the specific route we will be taking. Only issue at the moment is communication on my part. I need to get portable communication radios for both me and the driver to better communicate on the road. After all the shots have been taken, I thank them for their time and make sure I get a hold of their social media account names for tagging purposes.

Q: Music is always a big part of making an edit, You have a go to genre or them of music ?

A: Normally when picking a song for the video, I like to listen to it myself and break it down beat by beat before I get to shoot the video. This allows me to visualise and think of the types of shots, weather and locations that I could use for the video. The genre of music I am and have been using for while now is phonk. The tempo in these songs vary, some are fast and others are slow. I generally go for the slower beats.

Q: What film gear do you have ?

A: I am currently working with a Canon EOS 200D Mark2 camera and a Zhiyun Weebill S as my gimble

Q: Any film gear your interested in testing in the future ?

A: I have been looking at possibly upgrading to a Sony A7 iii

Q: What media app are you wanting to grow the most ? Your Youtube channel or your Instagram ?

A: My current goal is to grow more on my Instagram since it has the most of my content.

Q: You planing to do more event coverage in the future ? If and when they can return of course

A: Absolutely, I am trying to get myself out more to bigger events.

Awesome ! thats pretty much all i've got. For people wanting to get some filming done what's their best means of getting ahold of you ?

Best way they can reach me is through my video shoot Instagram account @jfilm.s and my Facebook page Jfilms

There you have it folks. Now I can't recommend Joey enough to for a Insta account to follow for entertaining filming content. His skills have rapidly improved and the quality shot he is producing really is knocking on the door of some of the more known Aussie filmers. His socials below.

Facebook: @ Jfilms

Instagram: @jfilm.s


And heres another great video to leave you with.


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